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    Recognisable in the distance by its trees whose round and clear fruits look like grapes, the beach of the Raisins Clairs is aptly named. This beautiful beach at Saint-François offers all year, his magnificent lagoon and its crystal clear waters. Chill on the beach of the Raisins Clairs… every visitors dreams of it, especially during weekends since there is full of events at the beach. The beach of the Raisins Clairs is composed of a band of white sand and a lagoon surrounded by coral reef. A very quiet beach, ideal for everyone!

    Situated to the extreme east of the Grande Terre some 11 Km from Saint-François. Cliffs and a vegetation shaped by the wind make it an essential place to visit. To the left of « la Pointe des châteaux » there is the Grandes Salines beach where large waves breaking up.
    It’s well worth it, the panorama on the nearby island « la désirade » and Grande Terre will take your breath away! In good weather, you may also get a glance of nearby islands as les Saintes, Marie-Galante and la Soufrière.
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    St-François can be proud of having the most beautiful beaches of «Guadeloupe’s main island»: la caravelle, Bois Jolan and la plage du Bourg.

    Large white sand beach, one of the most beautiful municipality beach of the island with its lagoon surrounded by coral reef. Access : RN4

    Wonderfull sandy beach: one of the most beautiful beach of Guadeloupe, surrounded by coconut palms and white sand. Also known as the Club MED beach, we get there, following a path which borders the beach along the Club. The first part is very windy which appeals to windsurfers, the second part is protected from the wind.

    It further sets itself apart from other beaches of Guadeloupe, and offer an ideal spot for surfers.
    This beach is much discreet than the other beaches of the archipelago, the beach of Helleux is the most popular beach for fans of surfing. Located some 6 km from the munipality of Sainte-Anne, this beach is a perfect little spot to enjoy waves and surf safely ! See more →


    We offer you, from the marina of Saint-François, a large choice of boat trips according to your wishes in a friendly atmosphere. St-François is a seaside resort promoted by « France station nautique », meaning a sign of quality. Range of sports may be played:

    – Deep sea fishing,
    – Drift Fishing,
    – Jigging
    – Windsurfing
    – Surfing
    – Scuba diving
    – Kite surf
    – Jet Ski
    – Pedalo

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    We offer you, from the marina of Saint-François, a large choice of boat trips according to your wishes in a friendly atmosphere. A full day visit of the islands: Petite Terre, La désirade or Marie Galante.

    From the Marina of St-François, you will sail in the crystal clear waters to the destination of your choice, anchorage and the day will spend at your convenience. Juice and punch will be offered to you.

    Flippers, diving mask and snorkels will be available to you for free. You will dive with colorful coral reefs fishes. Turtles, baby sharks, giant rays will be there as usual,in the lagoon. See more →

    Saint-François has a beautiful marina also named the marina of « la Grande Saline ». Saint-François and its Marina allows you to easily access to the islands: Petite Terre, La Désirade, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, la Dominique also Antigua and la Barbude.

    Sail aboard a catamaran of 20 meters. A trip to Petite Terre. We will provide you diving mask and snorkels for a session training of snorkeling and why not take advantage of a barbecue under the coconut palms…
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    You will dive into a full bright colours aquarium: multicoloured coral in all its forms… Discover of all the tropical fauna: hippocampus, turtles etc… and 12m deep, the statue of Cousteau.

    Diving in colourful coral gardens, to be made and re-made tirelessly !
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    The « Ilets Pigeon » « Réserve Cousteau » is being protected and has been for many years. The « ilets Pigeon » are open to divers of all abilities and allows everyone to enjoy it.

    In January 2004, the Municipality of Bouillante decided to pay tribute to Jacques Yves Cousteau. He had declared in 1960s that the « Ilets Pigeon » was one of the best scuba diving sites of the Caribbean it might be time to declare this site preserved. On this special occasion, the bust of Commander Cousteau was immersed on the « Ilets Pigeon » per 12 meters’ depth. See more →


    Nearby the Marina, in the most frequented tourist area of the island, the INTERNATIONAL GOLF OF SAINT FRANÇOIS welcomes you in a green space, unparalleled comfort and quality in the region.

    This 18 holes, conceived by Robert Trent Jones, has been completely renovated in 2011, provides for golfers of all skill levels.

    The GOLF has a gourmet restaurant, a practice, and of course a Club house. See the official website →


    Creole markets, a blend of aromas, of colours, of flavours, where the city, the countryside and the sea come together. Vibrant, unique – an experience not to be missed !

    « Rendez-vous »on Tuesdays evening: Avenue de l’Europe in St-François.


    Vacancies in Guadeloupe would not be complete without tasting the various local culinary specialities. During your stay, don’t miss to taste this spicy, exotic, coloured and mixed gastronomy.

    Here are a few suggestions to tinkle your taste buds !
    rue de la république
    Phone. 0590 83 16 21 on booking
    Fish or meat cuisine with a local touch

    sur la marina
    Phone: 0590 83 50 41
    Lounge ambiance, tapas, exotic cuisine

    rue de la république
    Phone: 0590 88 67 21
    Creole cuisine
    rue de la république
    Phone: 0590 24 79 29
    French and creole cuisine
    Vacancies in Guadeloupe would not be complete without tasting the various local culinary specialities. During your stay, don’t miss to taste this spicy, exotic, coloured and mixed gastronomy.

    Here are a few suggestions to tinkle your taste buds !
    Phone: 0590 84 63 21
    Creole cuisine based on seafood
    The most beautiful hotel of the island on an exceptional site.

    route de Rotabas
    Phone: 0590 88 17 31
    Creole speciality « evolutive »


    The Botanic Garden of Deshaies situated within a 7 hectare property once belonging to the French comedian, Coluche. Michel gaillard, a professional planner and landscape architect, friend of Coluche, had established in Guadeloupe a coconut tree nursery to increase his Parisian business.

    On June 19th, 1985, Coluche asks Michel Gaillard to take care and maintain his property in exchange for land usage to create his tree nursery. Drawing upon her knowledge of the property,, Michel Gaillard will buy back it on October 1st, 1991. And he will embark on a radical transformation of the park as a Botanic Garden.

    Today, the aim appears to have been met. The number of visiting tourists and Guadeloupeans résidents is significant,(more than 120,000 visitors/year) they appreciate the wealth and the variety of the species vegetables, the quality of attractions, and the maintenance of the garden.
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    « La soufrière », the highest point in the East Caribbean of 1467 m, is the most prestigious site of the national parc of Guadeloupe. Its dome does not present any real crater, but eruptive craters, deep gouges.

    At the top of it, pitons standing on and deep gouges give to la Soufrière, a moon landscape completely misted.
    « Les bains jaunes »: nice historic site equipped with a warm water pond (26°), where you can swim.
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    In the heart of the Massif of Basse-Terre, the Mamelles Park concerns with 4 hectares of rainforest of the conservation of rare or threatened animal and plant species.

    Located on the road of the Traversée, at the edge of the National Park of Guadeloupe, this park differs by the quiet and natural character of the site.
    A real Noah’s ark of modern times, is home 85 million of plant and animal species from Caribbean, divided between mammals, birds, amphibian reptiles and arthropods – more than 450 individuals.

    The Mamelles Park, the duration of the visite is approximately 5 hours during which you will be able to discover the local flora and fauna… See the official website →

    The river water falls of Grand Carbet are the most spectacular falls of the Caribbean Islands . The river of Grand Carbet comes into the eastern side of the Soufrière Hills Volcano. Its sulfur waters, lighten after three falls and into the sea, on the Atlantic coast of the island, 11 kilometers downstream.

    The path which broders the Grand-Étang allows visitors to discover the predominant characteristics of the lush forest, in a unique land atmosphere in Guadeloupe. Convenient access, safe, without difficulties, with some exceptions some section of the path may be slippery, this walk is suitable for the whole family.
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    In Guadeloupe, the carnival is a real event in which everyone participates! The festivities begin on Sunday, after the Epiphany.

    If you’re planning to visit Guadeloupe around this time, you don’t want to miss this colourful and magnificent event featuring float parades, costume competitions, song and music contests, dance marathons, and more…
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